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The AITP of the Ozarks Scholarship Fund is held and managed by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks in Springfield, Missouri. Our chapter established this perpetual scholarship fund in 2014. This fund is designed to pay out 4% per year, meaning every $25,000 invested into the fund will support a $1000 annual scholarship every year. Our current goal is to grow the fund to $50,000 so that the fund can support $2,000 in scholarships each year.

What to Contribute

Gold Contributor


Fund 100% of one scholarship

Scholarship recognized by YOUR name

You determine eligibility criteria

You can preference your employees

You provide input about finalists

Silver Contributor


Fund 40% of one scholarship

We'll recognize YOU as a major donor

You provide input about finalists

Bronze Contributor


Fund 20% of one scholarship

We'll recognize YOU as a donor

You provide input about finalists

or donate on your own

Every gift, large or small, benefits our local IT students. To donate another amount, click the button below! When asked for a gift designation, click "Other" in the dropdown. Then type "AITP Southwest Missouri Scholarship Fund."

Every tax-deductible donation made by you benefits local IT students as they pursue their degrees. We appreciate your willingness to join us as we make it easier for our students to graduate!

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AITP of the Ozarks offers several scholarships, not all of which are limited to students. Log in to your member account to access the application details or click the button below to apply now.

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3. Find AITP scholarships

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